Main mold on the way now!

The main OMBEE mold is on the way! We are cutting the steel to make the mold now. 

This is the first and largest mold of the 12 molds needed to complete the OMBEE DESK

Fun facts about this mold: 

It will weigh almost 2,000 pounds!
It has several thousand surfaces
It will be injected with molten hot plastic to make the top of the desk case
Here is what our mold will look like once the engineers finish their CnC tooling work cutting the steel.




Below is our new logo pattern which will be in steel and leave the print in the plastic once it's removed from the mold.


More updates next week. Thanks for being patient everyone, we are working hard to get the OMBEE out to our backers as soon as we can.


More pictures of actual mold making are on the way!