We would like to give a big update to all our backers.

We would like to give a big update to all our backers.

Our Vision for OMBEE is to get as many people standing as possible and make a great product at a great price that would last. 

After the campaign, we started the mold design process with our California Manufacturer and quickly the cost of manufacturing ended up being much more than we initially anticipated. Costs began to skyrocket.

We decided to switch our manufacturing to Utah which has a much lower cost of doing business and will allow us to sell the OMBEE desk and future products at a price point the mass market can afford. 

Our new manufacturer currently has a hit product on the market and 25 years experience doing high volume injection molding products. 

This new Manufacturing company put a fresh pair of Engineers on the OMBEE design and noticed a few things that could be changed in order to increase the strength of the OMBEE and lower the cost of manufacturing. These changes would also result in parts getting made faster off each injection molding machine shortening the cycle time of production. 

The Improvements are: 

Closing off the Side walls of the OMBEE case ( Allowing the unit to pass as a Check in item on airplanes) 

2.Redesigning the Latches on the OMBEE case to remove the need for a Metal Pin ( Removes a point of failure and 2 assembly parts which are now molded in)

3. Molding in the Bottom Footpads on the OMBEE CASE to remove the need for separate parts (Removes two parts from the assembly and reduces the overall amount of parts.) Redesigning the Center pin that holds the two symmetrical halves of the MBEE Case together ( Making the part stronger and easier and faster to mold, with less plastic).

4.Redesigning the Male connectors on the legs to make them easier to mold, and stronger while using less plastic. 

These redesigns have pushed back our first production date obviously and we are working with our New Production company in Utah to give everyone an exact estimate for delivery. 

Please bear with us and in 5-7 Days we will have a very realistic new delivery date for everyone.

We request all backers to hang on with us and do not cancel your order, this new design has made the product, stronger, easier to build and uses less plastic than our original design. It will also allow us to make the OMBEE affordable enough for many people to enjoy and you can be part of making that happen. 

Hang in there, hold tight with us, we will not let you down.