We have the best in California!


As we get ready for launch on INDIGOGO,  I wanted to let everyone know about the great facility we have supporting the production of OMBEE desks and why we choose to build in the USA over building in China or Taiwan for our first product.

Info on our California injection molder:

  • 47 years in the industry
  • 100,000 sq ft facility
  • 4 bldgs
  • 46 molding machines
  • ISO Certified
  • 2 Onsite directors of engineering 
  • 110 Employees 
  • Makes products for Boeing,Walmart,Target
  • Located 15 minutes from the founders homes

Why are you building in the USA? 

1. Quality control, founders will be on site for the production of the OMBEE Desks on a daily basis

2. Once you factor in flying to Asia ten times, cost of production delays and shipping costs, making the product in California makes financial sense

3. On site machine shop for quick changes/repairs/improvements  to the mold

4. 15 minutes from both founders homes

5. Working relations ship for 10 years building other plastic  products with our injection molder

That's a little info on OMBEE before we get ready to launch, keep standing! 

-Dustin Pratt

OMBEE co-founder and designer

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