Main mold on the way now!

The main OMBEE mold is on the way! We are cutting the steel to make the mold now. 

This is the first and largest mold of the 12 molds needed to complete the OMBEE DESK

Fun facts about this mold: 

It will weigh almost 2,000 pounds!
It has several thousand surfaces
It will be injected with molten hot plastic to make the top of the desk case
Here is what our mold will look like once the engineers finish their CnC tooling work cutting the steel.




Below is our new logo pattern which will be in steel and leave the print in the plastic once it's removed from the mold.


More updates next week. Thanks for being patient everyone, we are working hard to get the OMBEE out to our backers as soon as we can.


More pictures of actual mold making are on the way!

We would like to give a big update to all our backers.

We would like to give a big update to all our backers.

Our Vision for OMBEE is to get as many people standing as possible and make a great product at a great price that would last. 

After the campaign, we started the mold design process with our California Manufacturer and quickly the cost of manufacturing ended up being much more than we initially anticipated. Costs began to skyrocket.

We decided to switch our manufacturing to Utah which has a much lower cost of doing business and will allow us to sell the OMBEE desk and future products at a price point the mass market can afford. 

Our new manufacturer currently has a hit product on the market and 25 years experience doing high volume injection molding products. 

This new Manufacturing company put a fresh pair of Engineers on the OMBEE design and noticed a few things that could be changed in order to increase the strength of the OMBEE and lower the cost of manufacturing. These changes would also result in parts getting made faster off each injection molding machine shortening the cycle time of production. 

The Improvements are: 

Closing off the Side walls of the OMBEE case ( Allowing the unit to pass as a Check in item on airplanes) 

2.Redesigning the Latches on the OMBEE case to remove the need for a Metal Pin ( Removes a point of failure and 2 assembly parts which are now molded in)

3. Molding in the Bottom Footpads on the OMBEE CASE to remove the need for separate parts (Removes two parts from the assembly and reduces the overall amount of parts.) Redesigning the Center pin that holds the two symmetrical halves of the MBEE Case together ( Making the part stronger and easier and faster to mold, with less plastic).

4.Redesigning the Male connectors on the legs to make them easier to mold, and stronger while using less plastic. 

These redesigns have pushed back our first production date obviously and we are working with our New Production company in Utah to give everyone an exact estimate for delivery. 

Please bear with us and in 5-7 Days we will have a very realistic new delivery date for everyone.

We request all backers to hang on with us and do not cancel your order, this new design has made the product, stronger, easier to build and uses less plastic than our original design. It will also allow us to make the OMBEE affordable enough for many people to enjoy and you can be part of making that happen. 

Hang in there, hold tight with us, we will not let you down.


Showing off the OMBEE

I stopped by tinder HQ yesterday to visit an old friend Esteban, who was kind enough to tour me around and the amazing facility they get to work in everyday. Tinder is filled with talented app developers and marketers working to make the best product they can. Here is a bit about tinder for those not familiar with the app. Tinder is a location based dating app that allows mutually interested users to connect. Inside the HQ is a dynamic and modern open workspace. I did not see very many stand up desk,treadmills, balance balls or balance boards. The OMBEE would be a great addition to this space. 

Esteban testing out the OMBEE desk for the first time  

Esteban testing out the OMBEE desk for the first time  

Dustin trying to stay out of trouble while visiting tinder HQ in Westhollywood, CA

Dustin trying to stay out of trouble while visiting tinder HQ in Westhollywood, CA

keeping the lower body moving and flexible with the OMBEE board 

keeping the lower body moving and flexible with the OMBEE board 

OMBEE snapchat

Using the OMBEE desk for just 10 minutes increased my heart rate almost 21 beats per minute  

Follow the inventor of OMBEE on snapchat  

Not the greatest picture .... 

Not the greatest picture .... 

Thank you to all our Backers on INDIEGOGO!!

Hi Everyone! 

I just wanted to thank each one of our contributors personally for making our Crowdfunding campaign a success. 



The OMBEE is still available for pre-order on INDIEGOGO through INDEMAND

We also added a few new perks requested by our backers. You can buy a laptop or monitor stand as a separate item!

I look forward to rolling out updates in our production as well as a series of how-to video showing all the ways you can assemble your OMBEE.

Stay tuned we are just getting started! 

Team Ombee

We have the best in California!


As we get ready for launch on INDIGOGO,  I wanted to let everyone know about the great facility we have supporting the production of OMBEE desks and why we choose to build in the USA over building in China or Taiwan for our first product.

Info on our California injection molder:

  • 47 years in the industry
  • 100,000 sq ft facility
  • 4 bldgs
  • 46 molding machines
  • ISO Certified
  • 2 Onsite directors of engineering 
  • 110 Employees 
  • Makes products for Boeing,Walmart,Target
  • Located 15 minutes from the founders homes

Why are you building in the USA? 

1. Quality control, founders will be on site for the production of the OMBEE Desks on a daily basis

2. Once you factor in flying to Asia ten times, cost of production delays and shipping costs, making the product in California makes financial sense

3. On site machine shop for quick changes/repairs/improvements  to the mold

4. 15 minutes from both founders homes

5. Working relations ship for 10 years building other plastic  products with our injection molder

That's a little info on OMBEE before we get ready to launch, keep standing! 

-Dustin Pratt

OMBEE co-founder and designer

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Design meets function in three words- Office, Mobile, Bee

Ombee story continued......At this point, we had the idea and design of a case that turns into a standing desk, and one that holds the swivel board for increased lower body movement. But we needed a pattern for it, so we started looking at nature for inspiration, and natural shapes used in architecture around the world.

I started to realize that architects have used natural designs in their structures for centuries. First I looked at the birds nest stadium in China for inspiration. I liked the way that the stadium felt like it was a living thing, but at the same time, the pattern had no function. The second thing I looked at was the Manuel Gea Gonzales Hospital in Mexico City. It had a very interesting facade which was modeled after coral reefs. The facade actually had a function. It scrubbed pollution out of the surrounding air.

Birds Nest Stadium - Bejing China

Next  I looked at a bee's and the honeycomb shape they use to construct their hive.

It captivated me because of its strength and simplicity. It was actually the lightest and strongest structural design. I was also intrigued by its ability as a potential building block. What if we could make a building block style system of interconnecting honeycomb structures and make a pattern that served a functional purpose. I called it the honeycomb interlocking system. So after choosing the honeycomb pattern for our case, my buddy Mark told me about a really cool documentary on Netflix. The show was called, “The Code” and episode 2 was all about how the honeycomb design is the most efficient way to connect shapes. It's the most space-saving shape and has the lightest weight while providing maximum strength.

There really is no better pattern that is lighter and stronger using such a small amount of material as the honeycomb. Six walls all at 120 degrees in perfect symmetry is how the bees build their hives. This reinforced our decision to use the honeycomb, not just for the desk but the dozens of accessories a person would need for a modern workstation. We imagined a place for everything. The next step was to send over some initial sketches to Mira to integrate the honeycomb pattern into the design of the desk. She came back with the sketches and we loved it! It was July 28th, 2015 only 15 days after I had gone from a cardboard box into a beautifully designed desk that served a functional purpose. We were really on to something!

OMBEE Desk V.1 First draft by

From Chessboard to stand up desk, how we made the first OMBEE desk

Blog #3 - July 18, 2015


So I'm in love with my new portable stand up desk and swivel board combo, but it was all a bit clumsy I had to carry it around using a belt to hold it together, not exactly the ideal setup. My friend Mark encouraged me to make the desk a “case” for the 8board. He brought over a chess board as an example of how the desk should fold up. I sketched up the prototype and sent it off to a graphic designer friend Mira to draw the designs on a computer. But we needed a cool pattern that was not only good to look at but functional as well. I started looking around at a few different options.......