OMBEE - Office-Mobile-Bee

 We stand for a  healthier workspace


At OMBEE we want to blur the lines between work and play, productivity and fun. That's why we designed the world's first portable, modular, stand-up desk that has a place for everything. 

Our patented height adjustable hexagon system adapts to your natural stance, allowing the monitor, keyboard, and desk to be at the perfect ergonomic level. 



- Omar Noorzai, President

"After 25 years of human resources experience, I have seen all kinds workplace claims and injuries. I believe we can achieve a healthier office environment by creating a stand-up desk that gets you on your feet and keeps your lower body moving. The health risks of prolonged sitting in the office have become too great to ignore. The OMBEE desk provides a cost-effective way for employers to reduce stress and increase wellness for their employees in the office."


-Jack Broudy, Professional Tennis coach and Senior Sports Advisor

"After 30 years in the professional sports world, I learned that lower body movement and blood flow are essential to high performance on the court and in the office." 

-Dustin R. Pratt,  Head of Design

"As a mobile worker, I wanted a portable stand-up desk that had a place for all my screens and kept my lower body moving. I imagined a stand-up desk that could do so much more than just get you out of your chair. I wanted it to engage the imagination and give our users unlimited control of their workspace" 

At Ombee, we care for the longevity and productivity of our customers.  Sitting all day is unnatural and unhealthy because it can increase our overall stress in both body and mind.  This is due to poor posture and lack of blood flow to our limbs and brains. Our patented solution is designed to address the main health issues affecting people in today's sedentary lifestyle.  From school children to working adults to senior citizens, it's time to be productive and healthy again.

School children have to endure long periods of sitting which could lead to obesity and a shortened lifespan.   They sit at their desks all day and then go home to sit some more while completing their homework or playing video games.  Working adults sit all day at their jobs and slowly realize that they have become more and more unproductive due to a lack of movement and a loss in energy.  Our senior citizens are living longer these days but find themselves crippled by a lifetime of sitting.  They have slowly lost their energy, balance and memory as a result of their sedentary lifestyle.  They want to contribute to society and their loved ones but often find themselves too weak to pursue their wishes.  

We believe there are three immediate solutions that people should incorporate into their daily work environment to be more productive and improve their long-term health.

1. Posture - standing up in the correct posture to avoid structural long-term damage to our bodies.
The Ombee Solution:  Our stand-up, mobile desk provides an affordable, simple and modular solution to turn any desk into a posture-positive work area. 

2. Lower body Movement - blood flow to the hips, legs, ankles, and feet so that they are all moving in harmony.  
The Ombee Solution:  Our unique rotating discs bring energy and balanced motion to anyone by simply standing and swiveling on our boards whether in front of their standup desks or in their homes.

3. Upper body movement - blood flow to the hands, wrists, arms and both sides of our brains.
The Ombee Solution:  Our swiveling, split keyboard solution allows anyone to continuously move their hands, wrists, and fingers while typing.  They can move the split keyboard farther apart to a desired natural distance.

Put all three solutions together, plus the hundreds of possible accessories such as laptop holder, smartphone holder, or power strip connector, and you have your productive, healthy work environment wherever you go.  You can set up in about one minute at your home, local coffee shop, school, office or while waiting for your flight at an airport.  Ombee is your companion for a healthier and more productive life!